Free hosting for one year, Joomla and WordPress

Joomla and WordPress

All Websites are mobile friendly, and they will work on small phones too.We know that if you don’t have a site that works on a phone you may be losing 50% of people looking at your site. We help you build and maintain your website. Offering personal attention to you company or project.
We specialize in building directories, social networks and classified or websites that need a catalog or e-commerce systems.
We use a system that allows site owners to add  content to their website, edit the website and maintain their content themselves. Websites are mobile friendly.
We can provide a Free SSL certificate for your site on our server system. Google and Bing like SSL certificates create a foundation of trust by establishing a secure connection. To ensure visitors their connection is secure, browsers provide visual cues, a lock icon or a green bar. Site with a SSL get more traffic. Normally it costs 100 to 200 a year for a SSL
We can evaluate your current plan of marketing online and tell you about new things that may help you. Every company or situation may need a different solution, We can help you find a solution that works for you.
• We build and maintain FaceBook company pages to give you exposure there too.
We work with Bing and Google Places and can put you business on the maps there too.
We can make YouTube video channels for videos about your business.
SEO is built in to the websites and can be used to help get more traffic.
We work with  fundraisers, groups, businesses and organizations.
Their are all kinds of possibilities let us know yours. We area located in Orange County.

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We take an interest in making your company visible on-line and go the extra mile in helping people use the best of the internet’s free tools to do it. You will benefit from our knowledge and experience. We have over 20 years of experience. Call us at to our office to learn more at 714-910-4719

Get a free consultation and let us know what you are looking for.

LC Publishing has come up with the best option for just about anyone wanting to be online. For just $100.00 dollars you get everything you need to get stated. The work is done within just one week. There are many tools and options on the internet today here are a few options.
Google set-up – Package No1
1) You get on Google Maps
2) You get a basic website
3) Free membership to the Referral Network ($20.00 Value)
FaceBook Offer – Package No2
1) Set up FaceBook Business pages for clients. It is only a $100 and we custom make graphics and add media and functionality to it. We how all the in’s and out’s of FaceBook we have a developer status there. There are many applications and tools there if you know how to use them. We show and set it up so it’s easy. It is helpful to have a personal account bu better to have a separate page to promote or put your business information.
2) Free membership to the Referral Network ($20.00 Value)
Web Custom Development – Package No3
We provide web development to fulfill the needs of any type of company wanting to put their company or products on-line. From low cost solutions to more complex needs. We build social communities, non-profit sites, e-commerce and catalog solutions for just about any type of company or need.
We are a full service media and web development company. We have solutions for making a simple website or a more complex ones, that are capable of doing E-commerce , being a social network like FaceBook or and the situation that may be needed for you situation.
Free membership to the Referral Network ($20.00 Value)
YouTube Video Channel – Package No4
We also create movies and can do a film about your company, product or services. Included is a set-up of your videos and a YouTube Channel and on FaceBook.
Free membership to the Referral Network ($20.00 Value)

Call LC Publishing at 714-910-4719